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life goes on ‘brader’…life goes on…

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So ya it’s kinda late but I think I should post this while I still had it. Anyway, just got back from my drinking- teh tarik session with my lawyer friend Sarip.My evening started rather disappointing though since I bet the wrong horse this time, and I’m in a no mood for doing anything.

Anyway,  we go way back since high school, we always knew that one day this skinny little fella would end up in the legal profession, because back then this little bugger will always get things on his way like always, sneaky little fella this guy. But as a lawyer you need those qualities because the profession demands that, and I thanked him for having those qualities since he helped me a lot during a crisis that I had faced back in 2004. ( I won the case and allhamdullilah, thank god and to the losers f&*% you motherf%^&*s! it ain’t over yet)

Tonight’s posting is not about the case is about the lawyer that represent my case. So tonight I found out that he is no longer with the firm when he first started, but had moved on to start his own, alone no partners whatsoever. He had some argument with his boss and decided to go out and do his own thing. I’ve known him for quite some time now and I know the action that he is doing know is totally opposite of what he is, what I meant is that he is the kind of person who would not even tough of having his own legal firm one day, he is a typical working person, the ones who would work for someone else,heck he even tried to apply for some teaching profession several years back. So for him pulling this off is a major thing for his life, and I don’t know suddenly I got inspired, like a shot in my arms.

He went on into great details on how the argument started how he had looked into it and even the details of his financials. He’s married with three kids, like me. He resigned back in October 2009, his boss tried to talk him out of it but he told him to go %^&* off, well in a much civil way, and now his working from home, he made around RM3K with his old firm. He made around RM10K from his last case since starting alone which ended in January of 2010, he’s working on a second case estimated to be around Rm20K but the case were put in the cold storage  and never took off, and he’s living in a very tight budget now, he told me he could only survive for another 2 month. I felt sorry for him and had asked him if there is any new cases going on, he told me most of the time he would stay home waiting for clients to call or meet other lawyer friends to ask for minor cases, minor means really small money here like a couple of hundred bucks kinda case.

But the most important thing is that he likes what he’s doing now and happy doing it. Sure you’ve got glitches here and there but it will  out work out one day. Right now I had to give the guy a credit for being brave, and I kept on wondering if I ever had the guts to do the same thing. I mean I’ve been here for the past 7 freakin’ years man. My Tim Dekan-ship will end 1st of April 2011, new face coming in new bosses with their Phds. I am not going anywhere unless I have a Phd. I have not secured my confirmation yet, let alone the bloody PTK and all that shit. It seems that I don’t care about any career advancement, yet I’m still here. But I love sharing my experience with my students because at the same time I can learn form it. I love the school activities, the class trips, the programs and classes conducted especially Technopreneurship since it started years back. We’ll see how it goes, this is a no-bitching and complaint year for me, unless its necessary.

So first thing tomorrow is to do a SWOT analysis to myself. Adios!

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So as you can see from the image above, the piles of documents which includes mostly assignments/reports that needs to be graded by tomorrow, on top of that, I have other administrative task to attend to. But anyway,it’ll all work out at the very last minute…most of the times.

So anyway, I came in this morning, late as usual , I was watching some movie on HBO , that and I was finishing up grading the b-plan report as you can see from the image above. Again so anyway, went to the office fire up my Mac and Farida came in to tell me that I have to sit for this Induction program in May.

Ok , in order for you to be a permanent in UMS i.e. “tetap dan berpencen” you need to attend this 2 weeks course, at the end of the course you are required to sit on this exam which basically takes 1 whole day. You see I ‘ve attended this courses way back in 2005 and failed on the exams ( I was hanging out with my buddies that night while the other lecturers were busy studying). Yup I failed, then 1 year later I think, they called me so that I can sit down for another exam, and I think I failed that too ( by this time I just don’t care anymore). So after that I just ignored all the things related to this particular subject.

But because the administrator thinks that I am worthy of sitting in for this course and take the exam and pass so that it can help me with my career than I have to respect their intention although I don’t see this as helping me with my career. Remember I wanted to do something else but somebody took all this trouble and giving me hope, best I could do is to at least be thankful to that.

Well it would be an embarrassment for me to attend this 2 weeks induction course because I failed twice and don’t you think I’m kinda old for this? But the idea of having two weeks away from this place supersedes the later.

So anyway that’s about it , I’m leaving for Miri this weekend for my tiny little project, then off we go to KL soon after the Mgmt Exam, we’re going for a holiday with the whole family to celebrate my wife’s birthday in May.

So ok people, drink lots of coffee, you’re almost there and good luck!

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Last Week….

April 13, 2010 2 comments

So right now, we’re in this meeting room debating what new courses to be offered and who’s going to do what and when. As of this moment, they are still debating on the issue. You see last two or three years, the same issue arises, we had the same meetings, same debate and basically the same people. So yes, at the end of the day I know where this is going.

Technopreneurship presentation done, manage to attend three presentations on Monday, surprisingly found one potential group for the Monday presentation and at least seven groups from last week. But again as I said before, its all up to how much these groups really wants it. Its about focus and passion people nothing else.

So anyway, some picture that I took during ‘Masquerade Night’. Thank you guys, the food’s great, the music, the crowd,well basically everything. Good luck!

With the seniors.

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What’s new this past few weeks…

April 4, 2010 1 comment

Just got back from the cinema, nope we don’t have a proper cinema in LBU, I’m attending the PEREKA 2010 function in the main campus, its where once a year the lecturers aka researchers will display ,parade , show off their latest inventions and  findings to interested parties, well in most cases, only academics attended such functions, I haven’t came across any companies in any of those functions. I think the industry/companies thinks that the academic’s research or findings(this includes all the other schools, professor’s projects included) has no commercial value. You know what I think, I think the industries are street smart bunch of people, and I think they are right. Come on guys face the facts, Its awful but its the brutal truth.

Anyway back to the movies, I enjoyed the film of the remake of Clash of the Titans 2010, I think its awesome , but its too short, they should make it longer.

Earlier I came across Jay aka Mohd Yahya Yussuf,  a buddy of mine we go way back to Terre Haute Indiana, he looked a bit thinner, tired and something that you would not have expected to see him with, he was pushing the baby cart, yup he is a father now . You see Jay is the man. Back in his golden days, as we call it, Jay would always gets what he wants, and I mean ladies. The story goes, girls , Americans especially when walked past by him would stop and would ask for his number, not the other way around.

Then I met Harris aka Celot yesterday at the airport, well we were housemate once during our undergrads, we were racing buddy, he owns an Acura and I drove a CRX back then, we would race our cars form our business school building to our rented home at 681 Oak Street Apt D after class, we were both in the same Major-MIS but towards the end of our years in Terre Haute he found love and scrap all his dreams went all the way across the world and settled down in Labuan while I on the other hand went to Chicago chasing my dreams which eventually ended unexpectedly 2 years later but soon I too found love and as a requirement had to settled in Labuan. Now he’s my occasional golf buddy. I don’t think he is ever gonna move out from that place.

And then there was Joe aka Joe, also a buddy of mine called me out of the blue weeks ago. You see Joe went straight back home as soon as he graduated, maybe one of the reasons was that he…well let’s just say he left behind a package. And when he was back home, he called me from home and had asked me to do him a favor, and as a friend I could not refused that, which is to take good care of that package. Eventually I had a good lesson in life from that experience.

So that was it, next I am waiting for the B-plan presentation from the first years and are hoping for some surprises. Till then….. .

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March 15, 2010 1 comment

Too many title in mind in which hard for me to select for this post.

Now I’m tired, feels the whole body is aching and sleepy, so once I posted this piece I’ll hit the sack.

So what can I say about the trip besides its fun and exquisitely memorable. My utmost sincere gratitude to those who could find time and had arrange other maters especially family maters for this trip, I owe you my deepest respect.

There were some who had severe medical condition who could not attend, some had even family commitment in which prevented them to attend the program. Sure we can be reason with that. But let me say this, amongst the people who could and make time to attend, were also the people who had severe medical conditions, who had family commitments on their own, who are in their first trimester of pregnancy, who is a father to be (the baby could pop out any time now), whom their jobs requires them to be somewhere else but the person opted to be in the program till the end.

So I was talking to the guys who attended the program, if this were something else, like a career enhancement activities like ‘induksi’ or PTK or whatever, I’m sure all this people who ducked the program will sure make time and forgo their existing problems or commitments. Well I tried to understand the situation and tried to put myself in their shoes, but the more I did that the more I felt disgusted. And I really do not expect anything from this program apart form it is a time for the whole workforce to go out and just relax and have fun. I don not expect we could solve management problem from this.

So what I am trying to say is that the people who made excuses for not going to the program (besides the one with medical conditions) are just some fucked up ignorant snob who just don’t care. And this time it is not just me saying this, it is the people who attended the program that says that okay.

Why am I still angry? I think its the fact that I still can’t shake it off about the mdec thing I guess deep inside yet still I feel left out. But whatever life goes on.

Ohh and the saga of “What’s up with this girl?” will continue I guess but with a different title, plus one more real life drama coming up (mr **d* & miss **t*). Man I really need to attend those script writing classes soon to improve my writings. So stay tune folks.

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You can’t have both…

March 6, 2010 2 comments

bird's eye view

yup that’s the airport.

My first day in Lahad Datu went on unexpectedly. I could just hope that it goes smoothly today.

Yes I’m in Lahad Datu, and I did not attend the ICN program. It was a tough decision, I was cornered. I was waiting for the right moment and the right time before I told the Pengarah project about my intended absence. And you should look at his face when I broke the news,it was a day before the program launching,well actually a couple of hours before. These people have been going through a really tough times, I mean they had all the problems that you could have think of and than this. and by the way I’m the coordinator for the program. But I just had to go because this involved honor and commitment. I told my clients that I would commit to the task given. And I did just that. Sorry ICN guys, really really really really really sorry.

This month my tiny little project brought me to Lahad Datu, there goes my weekend for this month, practically every weekend for this month I will be out of town for this project. And I can sense the heat now. Is this not what I had wished for? Business coming in,positive cash flow,constant business trips? Exactly, this is what I had wished for really.

But the thing is, you got what you want the business, the money, on the other hand you are away  from home most of your time, and you started to spend less time with your family, less communication less ‘quality time’ with your wifey. Sure they understand I’m doing this for them too, for a better life and for the children.Okay what am I getting here.

What I meant is that you just can’t have booth. There is always an opportunity cost that you must let go. (opportunity cost-the next-best choice available to someone who has picked between several mutually exclusive choices,key economic concept ya..) So nothing I can do about it, the choices for me is scarce and I need to use it efficiently. The only thing that I could do is to manage it wisely. Lost time with the family should be replaced say by going on a vacation with them in May. Maybe we’ll pick some of the hotels there for easy shopping access like last time and the wifey spent around 3-4K in just 3 hours or so. It’s ok babe I still love you!

And the cycle continues,me on business trips scoundring for more projects.

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